Athlete of the Week: Martin County's Austin Kuyrkendall

The Martin Bowl is one of the biggest high school rivalry games of the year, and this year Martin County beat South Fork 31-28 in front of a packed house. It was a win for the CBS12 Athlete of the Week Austin Kuyrkendall has been working towards his whole life.

"I grew up playing Pop Warner Football with most of the kids over there (for South Fork)," says Kuyrkendall. "So we know each other from 10 to 12 years back, all the way to flag football when we were 6 years old. So it's a good feeling."

But it's an even better feeling after Kuyrkendall sat out all of last season with an injured thumb, watching current wide receiver George Johnson take over and have a succesfull season without him.

"I knew I would have to fight to even get my position back as a quarterback, so I put in a lot of time and did what I needed to do to get my body right, and my skill sets back to quarterback."

"He's more confident out there than he was in previous years," adds one of Austin's teammates.

"Yah he put so much work in over the summer behind closed doors, no one noticed," adds another.

But they're noticing now - 1,840 passing yards so far this year, already pulling off a record breaking season for the area.

"He's there all the time," says Martin County head coach Chuck Kenyon. "He works hard. He's in the weight room all the time. He studies film. He gets guys ready to go. You know he's coaching. I can't say enough accolades about him."

You can add humble to the mix, as he squeezed way in the back for the Martin Bowl victory photo.

"I don't want to take all the credit," says Kuyrkendall. "Really I just throw the ball, those kids do the work. They're the ones making the tackles and catching the ball blocking the kids. I want to let them have the glory and just be humble."

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