Athlete of the Week: Lake Worth Christian's Sarah Franklin

Lake Worth Christian's Sarah Franklin

The Lake Worth Christian girls volleyball team may be representing a small school, but no team has bigger dreams. Their mission for a state championship this season is being led by the CBS12 Athlete of the Week - 6-foot-2 sophomore Sarah Franklin.

If you find it impressive that a sophomore is the undisputed star of the Lake Worth Christian Volleyball team, you may find it more remarkable that Sarah Franklin played an important part in winning a state championship as an 8th grader in 2013.

"Back then it was the little 8th grader going to the service line," said Defenders coach Terri Kaiser. "A lot of pressure, but it was almost like she already had the confidence to get the job done."

"The seniors always encouraging me when I was in the 8th grade," says Franklin. "I mean being the little girl there, having the support to help me get through that year."

Now, it's a still young Franklin who's the leader, proudly carrying that torch of success we've come to expect from Lake Worth Christian.

"I like to do any position, as long as I'm out there on the court I'm happy. Anywhere I'm playing, middle, right side, back row, I just love the sport."

"College coaches know that they can teach mechanics," says Kaiser. "And they can teach how to play better, what they can't teach is heart , that can't teach great attitude, her celebration, her team play, her enthusiasm and her passion for the game."

A sought after recruit for DI schools - Franklin is all ready considering Florida, Michigan State and Georgia Tech just to name a few.

"I'd definitely like having a great team and coaches to support me through academics and playing and maybe going to the National team," says Franklin.

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