Athlete of the Week: Lake Worth Christian's Jenna Culhan

With three state titles over the past five years, the Lake Worth Christian girls volleyball team had a young team slated for 2016. So the CBS12 Athlete of the Week was a surprising and ultimately very welcomed addition.

"A walk on just changed my program in one day," says Lake Worth Christian head coach Terri Kaiser.

"I think a lot of people were asking why (I) didn't come sooner," adds Defenders senior Jenna Culhan.

But Culhan arrived at the perfect time for the Lake Worth Defenders, just in time to help defend their latest state title. Transferring from a very large Boca Raton High School to a christian high school of 150 - hoping it'll be the perfect transition to Liberty University.

"I got the call," recalls Kaiser. "And they said do you know her? I was like no, but I looked up about her and I'm like oh she did damage against us, so then I got excited."

"I love it, you're not just a number anymore," says Culhan. "You're like Jenna Culhan. They don't see you as this just random number."

Culhan's new teammates also see her as an incredible volleyball player.

"As soon as we saw Jenna play we were like oh yah, this is going to be a great season."

"The power that she has really helped us with our team, the power she was able to bring and bring us up together and pull us together as a team."

A natural addition to this team as a senior, fitting into her role immediately.

"She leads by her play, you know she makes her shots she's a hard worker she always has a smile on her face," says Kaiser.

"This is something that was planned for me by God and I think it's a perfect fit," says Culhan. "The girls are great. They're young but we're doing good."

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