Athlete of the Week: Jupiter's Joey Bretz

Jupiter lacrosse player Joey Bretz. (WPEC)

The Jupiter Boys Lacrosse team became the first {Palm Beach County public school to earn a Florida High School Athletic Association State Lacrosse title last weekend, and defense does *in fact* win championships, especially when the CBS12 Athlete of the Week Joey Bretz is on the case.

"Everyone's just like brothers," says Bretz. "We have each other's backs. Everyone wants the same goal."

And the lacrosse brothership of Jupiter High School acheived the ultimate goal with a 11-8 win over Orlando's Bishop Moore to win their first ever State Championship - a lacrosse celebration Joey Bretz has dreamed of since he was a little kid.

"Ever since I was young I wanted to go and have a succesful high school career. So once I started playing lacrosse I loved it from the first pass."

But lacrosse is not so fun when you're battling Bretz - the defenseman spent his senior season smothering some of the most offensively potent offensive players in the state.

"He's just a grinder," says Jupiter Head Coach Nick O'Hara. "He'll go wherever he need to put him. He'll go up on the wings. He'll cover midfielders. He'll cover attackmen. And on the wings it doesn't really matter."

"I'll run with the guy and be there in his gloves," says Bretz. "Just always in the right position."

His lacrosse smarts are also prevalent in the classroom - on the academic honor roll. He'll fulfill his college dream by playing lacrosse next year at the University of Hartford.

"I've always wanted to go up North and play up there. There's good competition up there and I'm looking for a starting spot in my freshman year."

But it's his future college opponents who better prepare fo rone of Florida's State Champions - Joey Bretz.

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