Athlete of the Week: Jupiter Christian's Prince Hall

Jupiter Christian's Prince Hall

Jupiter Christian School may be a small school, but they are a mighty 5-and-1 this season, thanks in large part to the CBS12 Athlete of the Week - Prince Hall is a major force on both sides of the ball.

"We've been fortunate enough here at Jupiter Christian to win two State Championships that I've been a part of," says JCS Head Coach Jim Davis. "Now we want to win a third one."

And if they get that far this season, Prince Hall will be a huge reason why. The Jupiter Christian senior only started playing tight end last year and added defensive end to the mix this season, yet, he's a force to be reckoned with.

"From that defensive end position it's just great for him because he can get on the quarterback on a pass play and offensively he's just a skilled and talented running back and he's really improved tremendously on that side of the ball too."

"The feeling that really gets me going is when I see my o-linemen giving it all," says Hall. "They're blocking just so I can make a big play. It makes me feel so good it makes me feel so comfortable so when I hit that hole I hit it hard, and I try to bringing it to the house every single time."

Prince has to stay in peak shape to stay on the field the entire game, but it's the motivation of going to a small school that keeps him going.

"Because when people hear Jupiter Christian they're like 'oh yeah we're going to run over those guys, they're small, they're this and that'. But little do they know we're small but we're mighty and we've got a lot of heart over here and we work very hard over here."

"He's a well known kid in the school," says Davis. "And he's just very positive, and has a positive impact in what's going on here at Jupiter Christian."

And a born leader who is far from focused on himself.

"It's really good to know that all the guys are depending on you," says Hall. "And it's a good position when you know people are looking up to you, and it just feels really good."

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