Athlete of the Week- Jensen Beach's Jenna Johnson

Jensen Beach volleyball player Jenna Johnson

An elite group of seniors, led by Jenna Johnson has brought the Jensen Beach girls volleyball team back to the state final four. The CBS12 Athlete of the Week is a star on the court, thanks to being an even bigger star on the beach.

"Jenna Johnson is probably one of the hardest working athletes I've ever been associated with."

That says a lot coming from Mike Sawtelle, the Jensen Beach volleyball head coach who's led his teams to 4 State Championships, and 8 final four appearances since 2007, including one Johnson was a part of in 2015.

"Being at the bottom of the dog pile after you win is definitely a feeling that you're never going to forget," remembers Johnson with a smile.

"She can jump, she's quick, she can move around the court," says Sawtelle. "She's a great defender, she can do it all."

And that includes excelling in beach volleyball. So much so, she's excepted a scholarship to play at Florida State next season. Playing on the sand has also turned her into a 'super player' on the hardwood.

"My vertical feels like it grows like 10 inches in a matter of 4 seconds because it's going from a soft surface to a hard surface." says Johnson, adding, "one thing that I've gotten better at over the years is adjusting on the fly, so if I see that the other team is running a certain defense than I'll tell my coach and then I'll tell my other hitters. I like the team atmosphere, I have to say that's one thing I miss when I go off to college."

"She's really good at like bring us together and making sure we all stay focused," says fellow senior Shawna Smith. "And we don't go to crazy, and we just keep playing our own game."

A game plan Johnson hopes can lead her Falcons to another state championship before she soars to the sands of Tallahassee.

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