Athlete of the Week: Forest Hill's Jordon Earle

Three years ago, Forest Hill's Jordon Earle had never been on a wrestling mat.

Now, the CBS12 Athlete of the Week is one of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the state - and he's certainly the most intimidating.

"I like how I can take my anger out on the sport that I love," says Earle.

Gentle giant - that doesn't exactly apply.

"Sometimes I might not get along with people during the day, so I just take it out someone on the mat."

The Forest Hill junior stands 6-2, 280 and has a record of 38-1 this season. He's one of the favorites to win the state championship in the heavyweight division.

Not bad for someone who picked up wrestling just three years ago. Earle arrived to forest hill as a 305 pound freshman.

"I didn't think of doing wrestling, but my football coach told me to cut weight. I felt like I was forced to do it, but I fell in love with it."

At the end of his sophomore season, he had lost forty pounds, and found his drive to be great on the mat.

"He started to grow up," says his mom, Janice Earle. "Baby fat went away, he just grew to love it and grew into a wonderful young man."

A wonderful young man, who takes his aggression out on some poor souls, unlucky enough to draw him on the mat.

And wrestling has helped him with his football techniques - he's received a scholarship offer from Marshall University.

"It has motivated me, to play in the NFL," says Earle. "And play big time ball."

I wouldn't want to be someone who tried to get in his way.

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