Athlete of the Week: Donna Klein's Maddy Ball

The Donna Klein Jewish Academy has a total of 130 students in its high school - so it's truly amazing the girls volleyball team made it all the way to the 2A State Final Four, the furthest they've gone in any sport. The CBS12 Athlete of the Week is also truly amazing to her teammates, and everyone who watches her play.

"She gets everybody going, she's kind of like our motor," says Donna Klein head coach Lindsey Adams.

"Oh my god, yay!" exclaims Maddy Ball. "I get to come to practice. I think I helped everybody else get excited for practice."

And Maddy Ball will tell you *practice makes perfect*. The Eagles were the buzz of the State Final Fours this past weekend. Maddy a key player for this small school with big talent.

"She's got th skill physical wise, but she's such a vocal leader," says Adams. "And she takes charge with every single play on the court. She just has that killer instinct and that makes her awesome."

And so does something you might never have noticed - Maddy was born partially missing her right arm.

"Since it's been my whole life it's honestly leaning how to do anything for anybody new," says Ball. "I think it definitely helps that I've been playing sports my whole life, I'm an athlete, but it doesn't stop me from doing anything."

"You would have never known because she doesn't show it, I mean she's so confident in herself," adds Adams. "I mean it's all she's known so she just plays like she's like anybody else."

But she's far from just anybody else - just as The Donna Klein Jewish Academy is far from just any other volleyball team.

"When you go to a public school you think about like football games, and when you come to Donna Klein you think about this volleyball team, like it's not just me it's the entire team."

"What we accomplished this year as sophomores, I can hardly wait to see what happens the next two years honestly."

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