Athlete of the Week: Boca Raton's Ryan DeBiase

Boca Raton striker Ryan DeBiase

The Boca Raton Soccer team was inspired by watching Boca Raton native Jozy Altidore's MVP performance in the MLS Cup this past weekend. The Bobcats are also playing championship caliber soccer this season and senior captain Ryan DeBiase has 8 goals over the first 9 games. He's the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

"When all of us are playing well together," says DeBiase, "I don't think there's a team that could beat us."

And there's nothing in the World Ryan DiBiase would rather be doing than playing the game the World calls *The Beautiful game*.

"My Dad was a semi-professional soccer player in Italy, so it was just in my blood. When I was growing up it was everything that I wanted to do."

"When he was younger he would still be bigger than everybody, but he was younger. So he was very timid," says Boca Raton head coach Marcelo Castillo. "Now he's kind of developing into a man, and he's battling for balls now that even earlier in the season he didn't go for. He's just battling and realizing he's better than some of the people he's playing against, and the results are showing."

"Practicing every day," adds DeBiase. "Just trying new moves when no one is watching, that's when it counts. Watching soccer games on TV, learning skill moves from the professionals."

Like Boca Raton's own Jozy Altidore, who Ryan watched with the MLS title over the weekend, scoring the winning goal for Toronto FC.

"Just knowing that he grew up where I grew up just means anything is possible, you can do anything you set your mind to."

"Boca has some incredible feeder systems," says Castillo. "And he's had the opportunity. We work out in the summer, working out with former pros who have played with me, so he's always been pushed to be better."

And to develop the heart of a champion - looking to leave his mark as a Bobcat.

"All we want to leave is with another State Championship ring," says DeBiase. "It's the only thing that matters to us right now, just to keep winning and to get that final ring,"

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