Athlete of the Week: Atlantic's Christian Brown

Atlantic's Christian Brown (WPEC)

In the final track meet of his high school career, Atlantic's Christian Brown saved his personal bests for last. Brown's hard work, talent and intelligence set him up for success at the state track meet and has also set him up for major success in life.

Christian Brown is the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

At the Florida State Track Championships in the final of the boys 110m hurdles, around the middle of the race, Brown broke from the pack to secure his first state title.

Christian set his personal record - he did the same in 300m hurdles, and finished second.

"I think other people are prouder of me than I am of myself," Brown says. "I think I'm a humble person but they're milking it more than I have."

Christian just started hurdling a few years ago, but has been playing football since he was four years old.

"I love both sports, and I wanted a school that accommodated both sports."

Christian is going to be a dual sports athlete in college, but he's much more than that. Listen to the schools he was looking at: "I chose between Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Georgetown and many other prestigious schools."

Christian chose Princeton - he has a 5.5 weighted GPA and has dreams of being a pediatric surgeon. His in-the-classroom talent he credits, to his parents.

"My mom and dad always said, no academics no sports. And that's stayed a part of me."

"He's one in a million," says Atlantic track coach Andrea Smith-Thomas. "He encourages others if they are gold medal or no medals. He's the ideal kid."

And now he has an ideal future ahead of him.

"Having the foundation to have a bunch of doors and be able to choose from them: Pediatric surgeon? NFL? Olympian? I don't know," says Brown. "It's good to be able to dream big and have a chance for them to become a reality, and that's what's happening now."

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