Athlete of the Week: American Heritage's Melissa Sakar

American Heritage's Melissa Sakar with Matt Lincoln. (WPEC)

Melissa Sakar has played on the American Heritage tennis team since she was in the 8th grade helping them win two State Titles as a team along the way. The CBS12 Athlete of the Week finished her high school career in style .- winning the individual State Title in her final match as a Stallion.

"It's nice to see when students get what they deserve," says American Heritage Head Coach Brian Schliefer.

"The tennis team has been a strong team at American Heritage," adds Sakar. "I'm glad I ended it with a bang."

Sakar ended her American Heritage career with 3 State Titles, including an individual title to cap it off. It was a feat a long time in the making. Sakar has been perfecting her tennis game with her Dad and Coach since she was 10 years old.

"We would got to like the wall and he would just feed me balls there, like smashing the ball, like it was just so much fun to me."

But those competitive juices would soon kick in - Sakar realizing early on that tennis was the path to success.

"I really worked hard, and the discipline that came along with it. I think it put me in a good headspace, put me on the right path."

"She has a great variety of shots, a super doubles player, all things that will really serve her well at the nest level," says Schliefer.

That next level will be Columbia University in New York City - thanks to her devotion to tennis and all the hard work on the court and in the classroom, along the way.

"It's definitely going to be a big transition," says Sakar. "But I'm really excited. I hope I can contribute to the team as fast as possible when I get there, and I hope I keep winning."

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