Athlete of the Week: American Heritage's Caitlyn Wurzburger

American Heritage lacrosse player Caitlyn Wurzburger. (WPEC)

There are pockets of the United States where lacrosse is king.

But American Heritage's Caitlyn Wurzburger is putting her home town on the map - by showing the best lacrosse player in the country can come from South Florida. Caitlyn is the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

"She's an anomaly," says American Heritage Girls Lacrosse Coach John McClain. "She's a LeBron James, a Kobe, a Michael Jordan."

McClain coaches all around the country, and he hasn't seen a player quite like his own Caitlyn Wurzburger.

"She was 6 or 7 years old, and she had spatial awareness, and could cradle the ball like a rock star. I was like 'who is this kid?!'"

Wurzburger caught the lacrosse bug from her father, Rob - he played collegiately at Maryland and now is an assistant with the Stallions. But once she got started, he didn't need to push.

"When i get on the field, I think of nothing else," says Wurzburger. "It puts all other sports together in one game."

It's hard to imagine someone as good as Caitlyn keeping her humility. She was a captain for Heritage as a 7th grader. The past two seasons, she's had 100 goals and 100 assists. She's on pace to do that again this year, and she's just a sophomore.

"Those numbers are a reflection of my team getting the ball to me. They don't happen if my team doesn't give me the ball."

"She's never satisfied," says her father, Rob. "That's when you lose your humility. When you think 'you're there'."

"The love that Rob he's pushed to her and she's taken the ball and run with it," says McClain. "And she's crushing it right now because of her passion for the game."

She's rated as the best player in the country for the 2020 class, but her recruitment has long since ended. Caitlyn committed to Syracuse as an 8th grader.

"I know its there, but I"m loving this moment of high school lacrosse," says Caitlyn. "I know I'll miss my bubble of American Heritage lacrosse, but I'm excited for my adventure there."

A phenom the likes of which, South Florida lax has never seen, For Caitlyn Wurzburger, the sky is the limit.

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