After Hours Episode 4: Half-Price Croissant Night

after hours pic.jpg

On this week's episode of After Hours, Vader grades former Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze on the "Evil Scale", the 4 Horsemen play their first gig at the Avanti Club, and Nickipedia debates the tradeability of Jon Snow.

What happens at a TV station after the lights go down on the 11pm show on Friday night, and before the morning crew arrives? CBS12 “After Hours” takes viewers on a totally unique trip through the stories, people and headlines that slipped through the cracks of the news day, while delivering a two-screen experience – the “Show View” on and the “Behind-the-Scenes” view on Facebook Live. While on Facebook Live, viewers can interact in live time with the hosts and characters. The hosts debate inane sports topics, uncover the “Biggest Story Ever in the World This Week”, and interact with a number of characters. Join the fun by watching live on at midnight on Fridays, or get caught up on the After Hours homepage on

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