How to solve the financial problems that small businesses face

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Here’s some insight on the top three financial problems that small businesses struggle with, and simple solutions to each one.

When you're the proud owner of a small business, the demands of managing your company's finances can be overwhelming. Money-related challenges affect every business owner—whether you're in the initial startup phases or you are looking at planning your next long-term strategy to continue developing in new markets.

Here's some insight on the top three financial problems that small businesses struggle with, and simple solutions to each one.

1. Lack of funds. You need money to make money. But sometimes having enough cash to cover just the bills is a challenge, let alone having enough money to make a major investment for new equipment, facilities, or even the initial acquisition of the business. A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan could be on your radar as an option. These loans feature some very advantageous parameters and can be used for things like commercial real estate purchases, acquisition loans, and equipment financing.

2. Timing of cash flow. One of the biggest limitations that companies face is the timing of cash flow, which can inhibit them from working on projects above a certain size. Often, business owners have to pass up opportunities because they lack access to the starting funds necessary to take on projects with a large scope. But taking advantage of those opportunities is the only way to achieve the rapid growth that makes businesses successful. That's where purchase order financing comes in.

When you finance your purchase orders, you get a portion of the value of that invoice up front so that you can get to work building or sourcing the items you've already sold. Once you do and you get paid, your financial partner collects and subtracts the original advance with their fees before passing the remainder on to you. Use this for new orders to keep cash flowing and keep your business growing consistently.

3. Real estate. It's only a matter of time before you run out of space for your team, your equipment, or your product – you need a place to call your own. But you don't have the finances for a commercial real estate purchase. You need access to the financing that will give you enough reach to acquire exactly what you need. Whether you are looking at developing the property out through construction, occupying it as facilities, or simply using it as an investment, that reach is everything. It's time to look into a real estate loan.

From conventional, fixed rate, 30-year loans to construction loans, to international financing for global projects, funding your next project or growth opportunity is easy.

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