5 GreenWise instant meals your family will love

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Publix makes it easy to find healthy, kid-friendly meals.

At the end of a busy day, the last thing you want to do is cook. Instead of reaching for the phone and ordering greasy takeout for the third night in a row, consider stocking up on Publix's new GreenWise line of healthier and delicious instant meals (which are ready to eat in 10 minutes or less).

GreenWise products are offered in all departments within the Publix Super Markets and provide healthier alternatives to everyday food selections. Most of them are raised without harmful hormones, chemicals, and other artificial ingredients, meaning your family eats a more nutritious meal. You'll find dinners loaded with beef, chicken, and lamb, to grab-and-go snack options such as applesauce, mini muffins, and peanut butter.

Here are five kid-friendly, mom-approved, ready-to-eat meals that are currently available at any Publix market in the GreenWise section:

1.Blueberry waffles. Start the morning off right with delicious gluten-free, naturally flavored blueberry waffles. Made with brown rice flour, it boasts the same texture and taste while adding 10g of whole grains per serving to keep you full and energized throughout the busy morning.

2.Organic chicken chow mein. Fresh broccoli, carrots, and all-natural white meat chicken tossed in savory low-sodium noodles will make this classic to-go staple an instant favorite in your home.

3.Chicken Florentine skillet. USDA-certified organic white chicken meat, low-carb pasta, and spinach served in a creamy parmesan sauce is as healthy as it is mouthwateringly delicious.

4.Pizza. Pick from five different flavors ranging from spinach and feta to pepperoni or grab them all and prepare a household favorite in just minutes. Your kids and your wallet will thank you.

5.Oven roasted rotisserie chicken. Pluck one fresh out of the oven and serve with your favorite sides. Hormone- and chemical-free, the all-natural white meat chicken has quickly become a favorite amongst Publix shoppers. Grab them while you can!

For a complete list of all the USDA certified organic foods and non-food items GreenWise has to offer visit http://www.publix.com/GreenWise.