25-35 Law: How you can save big the next time you need a lawyer

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Here are the benefits of having an experienced attorney.

In 2019, Lawlor & Associates Personal Injury Trial Attorneys are rolling out a new fees structure designed to save clients money before and during the trial process. This structure is called "25-35 Law."

The benefits of 25-35 Law

25-35 Law reduces fees for clients when they come to Lawlor & Associates. Here's how it works:

  • Typically, lawyers in the state of Florida (under Florida Supreme Court rules) can charge clients up to a third of the money pre-suit. Instead, Lawlor & Associates has opted to save their clients over 8 percent on these initial fees by only charging 25 percent.
  • Similarly, the firm has decided to charge clients 5 percent less than the 40 percent max Florida lawyers can charge once a lawsuit has been filed. These two decisions combine to create 25-35 Law.

Lawlor & Associates finds this change to their previous structure important because it saves families dealing with medical bills, surgeries, and other accident-related problems money during the early stages of a possible trial. In short, Patrick Lawlor wants to help the people he is representing in any way he can, both in and out of the courtroom.

Lawlor has been a lawyer for over 25 years, has been board-certified for the past 18 years, and has tried over 175 civil jury trials as lead counsel. With experience representing a wide range of clients in nearly all aspects of the law, Lawlor is a true asset for any ailing citizen seeking representation.

The importance of having an experienced attorney

Experience is an important factor to consider when seeking representation, not just because lawyers with experience know how to handle cases better before and during a trial, but also because insurance companies look at the lawyer's experience during settlement. In their eyes, the end product boils down to a jury trial, and insurance companies typically place more value on the case and give better settlements when a proven lawyer prevails.

For more information on how Lawlor & Associates Personal Injury Trial Attorneys can help you with a pending court case, please call Patrick Lawlor and his team today at 561-372-3500, or visit https://wanttolawyerup.com/.