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An “honest mechanic?” It’s not an oxymoron

Most people will agree that the words “honest” and “mechanic” usually aren’t said in the same sentence.

Auto repair shops get a bad rep for being dishonest and taking advantage of car owners, especially women and those who own luxury cars (and there’s research to back this up). Many mechanics use the “scare factor” to steer you into paying more money for unnecessary work, and makes you wonder if you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

The folks at Foreign Affairs Automotive are pumping the brakes on that stereotype.

In a world where 60 percent of people don’t even know how to change a flat tire, people rely heavily on their mechanic to be transparent and trustworthy on more complicated automotive repairs—something that, unfortunately, doesn’t happen often.

That’s why the team at Foreign Affairs, a European luxury brand car service center, takes photos in the shop, shows you first-hand the damage that’s been done and what exactly needs to be fixed, and strives to answer every question you have openly and honestly, so you know you’re not being scammed.

What are some red flags you’re being scammed by a sketchy mechanic?

  • The shop isn’t certified. Look out for an ASE certification, or seals of certification from ASA, AAA and other auto industry groups. It should be displayed prominently in the shop.
  • The mechanic won’t answer your questions. If your mechanic is legit, they should be able to answer all of your questions. Be wary of anyone who can’t fully explain why your car needs a service they’re recommending.
  • The dealer isn’t using tools specifically for your vehicle. With a luxury car, you don’t want your mechanic using anything but the best.
  • The shop has bad reviews online. If other people are saying “buyer, beware!” you should listen.

Jonathan Ortiz, General Manager of Foreign Affairs Auto, promises that there will never be any cheesy up-sells and no unnecessary work.

When your car is in the shop, the Foreign Affairs team sends you high-resolution photographs and video to validate their service recommendations. This has been a key supplement to the service experience as it adds to the company’s already transparent culture.

David D., a proud owner of a 2003 Mercedes-Benz E320, couldn’t be happier with the trustworthiness of the Foreign Affairs staff.

“While I have little technical knowledge of cars, they have been very good in giving me honest opinions of what's going on in my car, and have presented repair options fairly and cost-effectively,” he said on “They could have taken advantage of my lack of knowledge, but they did not. This is very important when keeping a middle aged European car alive. They also do excellent, reliable work and are always pleasant to deal with.”

Are you ready to receive better prices and better service on your car? Call Foreign Affairs today at 561-475-4145 or schedule an appointment online at!

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