GALLERY: CBS12's Health and Wellness Experience commits to helping people live healthier


It was a day filled with fun, entertainment and education.

"I love that we put on this event because it is very difficult to figure out the steps that are easy, but still healthy. Everyone has a busy lifestyle," CBS12 morning anchor Eric Roby said. "I got kids. I got a crazy work schedule, but health is number one. If you don't have that, what do you have?"

Roby and some other CBS12 News team members mingled with viewers as our Skyteam 12 captured attendees checking out dozens of vendors that showcased their healthy lifestyle products and services.

"[I wanted] to see if there were any new ideas in regard to different insurances and healthcare because my husband passed away with Lou Gehrig's and stuff, and my daughter passed away with brain damage," Viewer Carolyn Holerger said.

Attendees also had the opportunity to get health screenings, learn about healthy eating options and speak with experts.

Chiropractor Dr. Harris Goldberg shared the top three ways you and your family can main your health.

"Proper diet, exercise proper sleep and one thing a proper mental attitude."

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