You can play with your food in #TheRobyFiles

You can play with your food in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

Your parents probably told you not to play with your food, but Eric’s Proving that can be impossible in the Roby Files.

I’m guilty of this, telling my boys to stop playing with their food, and that’s why I would never go to a place like this.

These are the burgers at Burger Brick. They make their hamburgers look like lego’s.
You can also get them in different colors. All of the burgers are play on jokes from the Lego movie such as the nacho Tuesday burger and the dark burger.

To add to it there are real lego’s that you can play with during your meal. Right now its only open in the Philippines. I don’t know if they will open any in the U.S.


If that doesn’t excite you this might, and it’s located in Brooklyn.

This Thai restaurant has created a dish that starts off with blue noodles, it’s called magical noodle dish magical because the noodles change colors and become purple.

The color change happens when you put lime juice on it,and this has made the new restaurant an instant hit on Instagram.


Stress not only feels bad but it can literally make your brain shrink.

Experts say stress management is an often critical and misunderstood aspect of brain health.

Constant stress decreases the level of a crucial protein to help in the production of new brain cells.

The take away from this, a smart person meditates to reduce their stress and keep their brain healthy.

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