Worst day in 350 years in #TheRobyFiles

Worst day in 350 years in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

This is just Eric’s luck, astrologists say the worst day of the year falls right on his birthday, here’s the Roby Files.

It’s true. My birthday is tomorrow, and it’s not only the worst day of 2017 but it could be the worst day in 350 years!!

Here’s why. December 21st is the winter solstice, for the first time since 1664 the sun will move into Capricorn hours after it lines up with Saturn.

This could spell bad news. Astrologist advice not to make any important decisions or take any drastic actions because it may result in bad consequences for all of next year but I feel like I’m going to have a great birthday!


It’s true money can’t buy you love but it can change what makes you happy.

New research shows there is a big difference between what makes rich people happy and what makes people with less money happy. Those who struggle to pay the bills find happiness in other people through their feelings of love and compassion. That’s not the case for the rich, whether people find happiness in more self-involved traits like pride or contentment.


You might think that the average American family is shrinking in size as people have less kids, but the opposite is true.

The number of kids in a family has increase by 66 percent. The reason? Divorce.

More families are getting larger because of the introduction of new partners and step children. The study also found that the increased family doesn’t always mean better family ties. It found the bonds with stepchildren can often be pretty weak.

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