U-F-O sightings in South Florida in the #RobyFiles

U-F-O sightings in South Florida in the #RobyFiles. (WPEC)

Look up in the sky, there’s a good chance you will see a u-f-o!! Here’s Eric with the Roby Files to explain.

Who knew? South Florida is a hot bed of activity for u-f-o sightings!

This map was just created showing all of the reported u-f-o sightings from 1995 to 2014. You can see here that all of Palm Beach County, and most of the Treasure Coast has had a lot of sightings. Over the past 20 years there have been nearly 60 thousand u-f-o sightings across the United States.


Don’t talk about politics during your Thanksgiving, last year it abruptly ended a lot of feasts around the country.

A study out of UCLA and Washington State used smartphone tracking data and discovered that last year democrats were much less likely to attend dinner at a republicans house.

Republicans may have been more likely to go to a democrats house but the time they spent there was significantly less than the year prior. That’s not a big surprise but what’s concerning to me is that researchers can now track our holiday habits with our phones.


People really need to check themselves when it comes to Starbucks and their mugs.

The new craze are these sparkly pink tumblers.

Social media is filled with people loving on these mugs. The problem? They are hard to find. There is such demand that people are now selling them on Ebay for twice the amount you can get them in the coffee shop.

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