The Mashup: Facebook passwords, fixing your heel, and a cute Cubs fan

The Mashup: Facebook passwords, fixing your heel, and a cute Cubs fan

Facebook Password:

Facebook wants to make the passwords obsolete.

The social media giant is beta testing a program that will allow Facebook to be the backup security key in case you forget your password on a different site.

So, for example, if you forget your password on a bank website, it will use Facebook to verify who you are by asking you to recognize friend's photos.

This account recovery is just the first step in Facebook eventually replacing passwords.

Fix Your Heel:

A local woman just invented the best thing for women who beat up on their high heels.

For instance, heels that might be missing the tip on the point that could cause you the "clickety-clack" around.

But a woman, Amy Badrian from Royal Palm Beach, has created a kit that will let you fix it at home.

She created "Fix-a-Heel Now" which is a do-it-yourself repair kit for high heels.

The kit costs just $13.

Cute Cubs Fan:

A 9-year-old Cubs fan got the surprise of his life when his father rewarded him with tickets for his hard work on the family farm and for keeping his grades up.

Kolt broke down and cried when he found out that his dad got him tickets to Wrigley Field.

But the best part is that the Cubs' first baseman Anthony Rizzo saw the video and tweeted to Kolt.

He told Kolt that he will have passes waiting for him when he comes so he can watch the game right on the field.

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