The Big Bang Theory in #TheRobyFiles

The Big Bang Theory in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

The Big Bang Theory, you know the leading idea on how the universe and life as we know it started, it may have never happened after all.

Instead it may have been the big bounce instead. There is a new theory that the current universe was created when a previous one stopped contracting and started expanding.

I’m not going to pretend I completely understand this but I do like the idea of the big bounce theory.


Robots are not only getting smarter they are also getting stronger, a lot stronger, thanks to the ancient art of origami.

Origami inspired artificial muscles are now giving robots super powers. They can now lift a thousand times their own weight, it sort works like a human muscle but these are very cheap to make about a dollar a muscle.


What’s healthier for kids? Drinking only bottled water or drinking out of the tap?

It is way healthier for kids to drink out of the tap because of the added fluoride in most drinking water systems. Those who do not drink tap water have been found to be more likely to have decaying teeth and cavities.

More parents are having their kids drink bottled waters after the Flint Michigan lead tainted water controversy, but it turns out its much more unlikely to have lead poisoning than have rotten teeth if you avoid the tap.

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