Mindful Monday: Tapping into your Resources

Sustainable happiness is achievable. It could be available to everyone, and it doesn't have to cost you anything.

We are all too often caught up in a fast moving lifestyle, that requires us to use other tools to switch off, fire up all cylinders, numb out, cope, survive.

More often than not these tools we use are propelling us into an unhealthy and often unhappy groove that we get stuck in called "the rat race."

We are bombarded by consumerism and told we need more "stuff" to make our lives better. We need pharmaceuticals to overcome ailments caused by the lifestyle we are living, clothing to make us feel better about how we look, a bigger fancier car, etc.

However beyond all of that, sustainable happiness is achievable. It could be available to everyone, and it doesn't have to cost you anything.

Research shows that sustainable happiness comes from other sources. Some of the most simple resources I use for myself and for my clients to help them see whats already available and are simply waiting for us to acknowledge and play upon.

These are some alternative forms of tapping into the magic and medicine that is within each one of us.

We always have natural and free ways to create balance and happiness that are actually in service to our own wellbeing, and can begin to heal old patterns at the same time.

This is my own list that I use to keep me on track and to remind me of the gifts already available and present in life. Please feel free to make your own list that serves you and your highest well being!


Upon waking each day take time for gratitude by reflecting, journaling, or simply reminding yourself of all that life provides you.

Remember how fortunate we are to have bodies that move and the ability to breathe freely on our own. We have available food, the ability to make choices in each day. This is a privilege, and one that many people do not have.

From this perspective we can only live a life of gratitude for all the opportunities that lie before us!


It's completely free, and always available at anytime in any place.

Sit with yourself for 5 minutes or any amount of time in silence each day and see what rises up.

Don't try and control your thoughts. Observe your breath and be present to your sensations, thoughts, memories, feelings and all the sounds around. The more you sit, the clearer you become.

Some days will be harder than others, just stay the course and it will become easier.

If needed use a mantra to help sink in. One word that meets you where you are at and has a positive uplifting vibe.

Repeat it over and over again, one breath at a time to quiet any excess chatter.


Resourcing people who are experienced in their field, guides that help us traverse life, people who can hold space for us without judgement. These relationships can be transformational and often will have a big impact on your relationships with others and yourself.

Create a team of teachers you respect (yoga, meditation, philosophy, nutrtion, etc.), healers, therapists, and anyone who you feel connected to that can hold open space for you to express and experience life as it comes.

These people will reflect your experiences back to you in a way that will allow you to see a different perspective, possibly opening you up to a new place inside that generates more peace of mind.


Our bodies crave to be moved! Get up and dance around your house, do some yoga, or any mindful movement that allows your body to release and express itself.

This allows you to connect with your body and get out of your head while freeing up some stagnant energy.


We are a sleep deprived nation. Always too busy to slow down and take time to rest.

Indulge when you can in afternoon napping. Give yourself the gift of rest whenever you can. It's free!

Mindful Cooking and Eating

Choose foods that are healthy for the planet and your body! Preparing healthy meals is a mindful practice that feels good and nourishes the body.

Use this time to be present about where your food came from, savor each mouthful, noticing taste, smells, texture, sensations and how the body responds to each bite.

Slow down while you eat to appreciate the gifts on your plate!


Hugs and lots of them. Hug your friends, family, pets, and anyone who needs one.

Give your hugs out freely to those in need. These are conscious moments of embrace for comfort, happiness, love, or connection.

Hugs and cuddles will help release all kinds of feel good happy hormones in the body.

Healing Therapies

I love to get my hands in the dirt and garden. It is extremely therapeutic to me and I am connected to the earth.

That is one of my resources to ground, be in touch with nature, and grow things that make me happy and healthy.

However this can be an extensive list so I encourage you to choose things that recharge your batteries and make you feel connected to all beings everywhere.

Healing therapies can include massage, acupuncture, gardening, lying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, a long walk, watching the sunrise or sunset, drawing or painting. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing!

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