How saliva can help you in #TheMashup

The Mashup (WPEC)

As a kid our parents always kissed our cuts to make them better.

Scientists now say it is a good idea if you somehow get saliva involved.

Researchers say saliva can boost recovery.

That explains why cuts inside our mouths heal faster.

Scientists say they have known saliva played a part in the healing process, but now they say saliva helps increase blood vessel formation.


If you find your life cluttered by way too many emails, there are a couple of tricks to manage it all.

The Huffington Post collected some tips from researchers as well as advice from Facebook.

One way is to adjust your notifications.

If you don't hear the constant buzz of your new emails, your stress level will decrease.

You can also set up a second email for subscription emails. That way your inbox is not so cluttered.


If you need to sit down after you see the high number of emails in your inbox, here is an option for you.

This is the chair less chair.

This is a wearable chair developed out of Switzerland.

It allows you to sit wherever-whenever.

The idea here is to help those who do jobs that require long periods of standing.

The company claims the chair less chair could lead to fewer employees missing work because of injuries.

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