How to vacation correctly in #TheRobyFiles

How to vacation correctly in #TheRobyFiles . (WPEC)

I’m about to go on a big trip for spring break so this caught my attention.. a travel agent just gave the five rules to make sure you have the best vacation.

Number one surprised me, buy travel insurance. It may cost a couple hundred dollars but it can cover everything from last minute cancellations to medical emergency costs.

Number two is to put down the darn phone, and enjoy your trip. It's alright to take pictures, but don’t take them every five seconds to post to Instagram. Set small increments of time to pick up your phone and then put it away for long periods of time.

Number three is to skip the Uber, the bus, and the subway. If you are able choose to walk. By walking through a city you will get to know it much better and have a better chance of getting to know the people and the real flavor of a city.

Number 4 is to remember you are on vacation.. you are on vacation. That means no doing work. Do not check the work email or even worse respond to your email. If you think this might be an issue then remove the direct link to your email on your phone to make it difficult.

Number 5 sometimes it really is better to spend more money upfront to save money later. Example, don’t book flights with multiple layovers.

First off your time is valuable and your vacation time is likely even more valuable to you. Secondly think about how much you will be spending in the airport while you are waiting. If you are saving just a hundred bucks by adding a layover those savings could be erased by the high cost of food and other things you might purchase to pass the time.

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