Hate by state in #TheMashup

The Mashup (WPEC)

Hate by state.

What people across the country can't stand, and how to get a face lift without surgery.

If you've ever gone to bed with a recording playing. You might be doing more than you think.

A new study from the journal communications finds that we do make memories in our sleep.

Researchers had 20 volunteers sleep to music with acoustic patterns in it.

Once they woke, participants were able to pick the sequences out of the white noise.

They did it, at a much better rate possible than if they'd just randomly guessed.


There's one less thing to worry about, so you no longer have to wonder.

What do people in each state hate the most.

This is according to the dating app Hater.

In Florida, apparently hate work out couples.

In your home state West Virginia, folks hate Lyft.

In my home state they hate Eric Snowden, that whole thing is random.


Yoga just isn't for your's for your face.

It's supposed to give you a natural face lift.

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