Extreme plastic surgery in #TheRobyFiles

Unrecognizable plastic surgery in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

Getting plastic surgery with your friends is never a good idea. But Eric explains how this went from bad to worse in the Roby Files.

Three women in China decided to travel and have plastic surgery in South Korea.

No so unusual, but the problem occurred according to the Daily Mail, when the ladies tried to go back home.

They may have overdone it with the surgery. The women were no longer recognizable. They looked so different from their passport photos that they were no allowed to board their flight.

This photo has gone viral, but still no update how all of this worked out.


Alright ladies, take it easy on us guys, we are much more fragile than you when it comes to relationships.

A new study shows that a rocky marriage raises a man’s risk of heart attack, but here’s the catch, it doesn’t affect a woman’s heart health.

The 16 year study out of the United Kingdom also found that a man’s health improves as the relationship improves. So ladies please be gentle, we are very fragile after all.


The newest five star hotel can be confused with a cruise ship but that’s on purpose.

This is the new 33 million dollar harbor hotel in England. The hotel is built right next to some cruise ship docks.

Passengers can stay in the cruise ship looking hotel before hopping onto the real cruise ship. In addition to great rooms and amazing restaurants there is also a stunning roof top bar where you can look at the ship you’re about to cruise on.

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