Dating dos and don'ts

Dating dos and don'ts

Some call February the month lo love, so here are some important "rules of the road" when it comes to modern-day dating, as supplied by Sherry Thomas, President of Palm Beach Etiquette.

When asking someone out for a date:

Ask face to face, if possible

A phone call will do if you can't manage to do it in person

You can text if you absolutely must. It does provide a layer of comfort for those who have difficulty with rejection.

Know ahead of time who is going to pay. If this is a real date and the man asked, it is still traditional the man pick up the tab.

You should never:

Honk the horn and expect your date to come outside.

Not walk too far away from your date, the man should follow the woman a slight bit behind and to the right or walk side by side.

If you bring a gift on the date, don't fall into the chocolate trap! A gift card, movie tickets, the ballet are good choices. Dare to be different.

Don't just give flowers. You can give candy flowers or chocolate roses.

On a date, do not discuss you ex-es. Do not talk about boyfriends, spouses, any dirty laundry. It is a surefire way to frighten off you r potential suitor and might signal others that you have not completely healed.

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