Checkout lines in #TheRobyFiles

Checkout lines in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

Don’t you hate it when you choose the slow line at the checkout counter? Here’s Eric with how to pick wisely in The Roby Files.

I have the knack of always choosing the slowest line in any store. Next is the decision do I stay in the slow line or go to a faster line.

Researchers found people last in line are twice as likely to move to another line and that typically means you will wait longer. Researchers say the reason for the bad decision making is something called last place aversion.

We hate being last so much that people who are in the back of the line are 20 percent less satisfied as anyone else. That forces people to move to other lines that might be even longer.

Bottom line, pick a line and stick with it.


The robots are already taking our jobs, and DJ’s you're next.

Check out this robotic arm that is mixing the tunes at this Chzec night club.

Not only is the robot arm picking disk to play and mixing songs, but it also some pretty good dance moves.

But I will say I still have a much better robot move.


We are getting a rare look into what it’s like to live like Hollywood royalty.

This was Greta Garbo’s New York apartment for nearly 40 years. She died in the 90's and now her heir just sold the three bedroom apartment for $2,500,000 over the asking price.

The final price is $8,500,000 million. The new owners were willing to pay because they are huge Greta Garbo fans.

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