Bathroom stops on road trips in #TheRobyFiles

Bathroom stops on road trips in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

Any parent knows the hassle of trying to find a bathroom during a road trip with the kids, Eric can one up you in the Roby Files.

A family road trip bathroom hunt can be bad, but imagine how bad it is when you’re a pilot and you have to find a bathroom for an entire bowing 757!

That really happened for a delta direct flight from New York to Seattle, the pilot had to pull over and land in Montana because the bathrooms stopped working, and well people were about to burst.

This wasn’t a simple pull over, the flight had to go hundreds of miles out of its way to make the potty stop.


A former party palace in France is about to get a huge makeover thanks to a very unlikely source.

This chateau fell on hard times after a massive fire in 1930, over the years no one has been able to scrape together the money necessary to restore it.. that is until now.. a group of strangers brought together by an internet campaign now own the property after raising 500 thousand euros. Some 6,500 people now own a share of the property and plan on bring it back to at least some of it former glory.


Here’s a good question, could getting a tan make you want to get a tattoo??

According to research out of Baylor University, those that like to tan are more likely to want to get a body piercing or a tattoo.

They are also more likely more likely to get Botox or undergo cosmetic surgeries. Of course those that love to tan obviously would potentially need more Botox because of the damage done to their skin.

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