Baby kicks through womb in #TheRobyFiles

Baby kicks through womb in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

Being really pregnant is already uncomfortable but Eric has a story that will really make you skin crawl in the Roby Files.

I don’t care if you are a man or a woman, this will make your stomach hurt.

It’s kind of hard to make it out, but a very pregnant woman went to the hospital after the baby kicked so hard that the baby’s foot punctured the womb.

An emergency c-section had to be done. I am happy to report mom and baby are doing fine but this could have been deadly. This is a rare condition but it has happened before and the pictures are clearer, this happened in France in 2016.


The next time you have a medical emergency look towards the sky.

The world’s first defibrillator delivery service is about to launch in Nevada. The idea is to treat cardiac arrests patients as quickly as possible. The defibrillators are meant to be used by everyday people.

The drone is sent when someone calls 9-1-1, beating the ambulance. If this works well it could spread.

Every minute that passes after a heart attack without treatment survival rates go down by 10 percent.


I would hate to be a judge for the national Geographic’s nature photographer of the year contest.

Look at the pictures already coming in, they are amazing. They are accepting photos for another month.

The grand prize winner will be announced December 12th.

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