Amazing condo in #TheRobyFiles

Amazing condo in #TheRobyFiles. (WPEC)

Amazing condos in South Florida is nothing new but this may be a first here’s Eric with the Roby Files.

Your personal palace in the sky, who wouldn’t want it? Not only does this take a fortune to buy it, but regular money isn’t even good enough to snag it.

This $547, 000 love shack only has one bedroom and one and half bathrooms. But location location location. Its centrally located to everything Miami has to offer. So what’s the catch? The owner is only selling the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s values have been skyrocketing, but investors still think this is a bad idea.


Fighting pain with pain that is sort of that theory behind the new device to ease migraines.

A new armband emits a mild electric pulses to stop your bad headaches. The theory is that the pulses will block pain signals from reaching the brain. So far research shows the armband improved the systems by half in a matter of minutes. Early results are promising but more research is needed.


There is a new theory that some people are falling for, they believe the Earth really is hollow.

So many people now believe in this that it has a name, they are called hollow-Earthers.

They believe a paradise resembling the Garden of Eden is hidden inside the planet.

It gets weirder, they believe that aliens that are the guardian of the planet also live there, along with lost Viking colonies.

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