Seasons 52 hosts 2nd annual Veterans Day event

94 year old WWII POW Bob Hamel and his daughter, Peggy Reynolds. (WPEC)

A crowd of 90 gathered to pay tribute to those who served our country Wednesday at Seasons 52 in Palm Beach Gardens.

The event included the Pledge of Allegiance, a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, each branch of the Armed services theme songs, a call to arms, and a flag pin ceremony.

Organizer Vittorio Bertuzzelli said: "This event is a great way for myself and my colleagues to say thank you to our U.S. Military Veterans for all they have done and all that they continue to do. There is no greater valor then offering to lay ones' life for our freedom. I, and my colleagues, have great admiration and respect for our military Veterans."

Also in attendance, 94 year old WWII POW Bob Hamel and his daughter.

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