Stray dog with two noses gets adopted after viral video

Toby, the stray dog with two noses finally gets a 'fur-ever' home! (YouTube: VeniceBeachFreakShow)

Meet Toby. He was born with a rare disorder.. two snouts!

The 2-year-old Border-collie, Australian Shepard mix was found wandering the streets in California.

He was taken to South Valley animal shelter and was facing the possibility of being put down.

But thanks to video of him going viral, has found human and fur-ever family!

YouTube video released by "venicebeachfreakshow" says, "Toby loves hugs and playing catch. He was born with two noses and it doesn't bother him at all. As a matter of fact, it appears to come in handy when he is searching for his old chewed up ball!"

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