Walmart hit with salad dressing slip suit

Complaint filed after woman apparently slips on salad dressing at Walmart. (MGN)

A woman from Palm Beach County is filing a complaint against Walmart after she claims she slipped on dressing and fell.

A complaint filed last year claims Patricia Moorer was at the Walmart on 45th Street in West Palm Beach on October 13, 2013. She says she was shopping in the men's shoe department when she slipped on ranch dressing and fell on the floor.

Moorer's complaint says it is Walmart's responsibility to keep their store safe by maintiaining their floors, and by not doing so, they created dangerous conditions.

Moorer also says she was injured in the fall. In the complaint, she claims the fall aggravated pre-existing conditions, which caused pain and suffering, disability, a loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of wages.

Walmart filed a response to Moorer's complaint. They confirmed Moorer was in their store in October 2013, but they denied all allegations about the salad dressing and Moorer's fall.

The retailer also says since Moorer's injuries were due to a pre-existing condition, they are not liable for her injuries. They also say Moorer failed to care for her own safety, and she should have been aware of her surroundings.

Walmart did file to have the complaint dismissed, but that request was denied.

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