Video: Naked man armed with a knife shot by police in Los Angeles

    Naked man armed with a knife shot dead by police in Los Angeles. (LAPD)

    **Warning-video may be graphic to some viewers**

    Police in Los Angeles released new video in a deadly police shooting last year.

    Officers responded to a call of a "screaming woman" in Van Nuys on New Year's Eve. Three callers from inside the apartment building called police to report the emergency.

    "They said there is a previous somebody drunk or he has something he wants to kill," said the caller.

    The first officers on scene entered the complex and approached the apartment. In the video, one officer knocks on the door saying, "Police Department." There's no answer. The silence is broken up by the sound of glass shattering on the other side of the door and a man yelling, "C'mon now, I'm gonna kill you."

    The door opens. In the video, the officers ask the naked man at the door to show his hands. A knife falls to the floor. Suddenly the naked reaches for the knife when officers open fire.

    Police place the man in handcuffs and handed him over to paramedics for treatment. LA Fire Department paramedics pronounced the suspect dead at the scene. He's been identified as 18-year-old Rony Parras of Los Angeles. Officers searched the apartment for possible victims but no one was found. Parras had no prior convictions or mental evaluation contacts, police said.

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