VIDEO: Man rescued from burning car in Texas

Man rescued from burning car in Texas. (Chambers County Sheriff's Office)

A man is alive, but in critical condition after being rescued from a burning car.

The Chambers County Sheriff's Office shared body camera footage of the daring rescue.

Last week, two deputies responded to the scene of a rollover crash on SH 124 near Winnie, about 60 miles east of Houston. In the video, you can see a woman directing deputies to the burning car.

The sheriff's office said deputies found an unconscious man in the car with his legs and abdomen on fire. Deputies Braedon Boznango and Carlton Carrington reached into the car to pull the man to safety. They carried him to a puddle to put out the flames on his body.

The deputies are okay, but the heat from the fire melted some of their equipment, the sheriff's office said.

"Had these deputies not acted quickly, decisively and without total disregard for their own safety, the seriously injured man would have perished inside the vehicle,"wrote the sheriff's office on Facebook.

The crash victim is being treated in Houston.

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