Video: Deputy tries to outrun devastating tornado in Kansas

Deputy tries to outrun a tornado in Eureka, Kansas. (Greenwood County Sheriff's Office)

Dashcam video shows a deputy in Kansas trying to outrun a tornado. Instead, he gets caught in the middle of the storm.

The Greenwood County Sheriff's Office shared the dramatic video on its Facebook page.

The clip does not have any audio.

The deputy had stopped at Casey's General Store on Main Street in Eureka, shortly after the tornado sirens sounded.

In the video, the deputy speeds through town to warn people about the tornado that just touched down in the southeast part of the city.

As the deputy approaches an intersection, the high winds can be seen picking up.

That's when the deputy tries to outrun the twister but can't. The high winds knock down a power pole.

Four minutes later, the storm is gone.

The EF-3 tornado, according to KCTV, reached speeds between 158 to 206 miles per hour and injured eight people. One person suffered critical injuries.

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