Video: Bingo players stop active shooter in Indiana

Bingo players stop active shooting. (Evansville Police Department)

Bingo players stopped an active shooting in Indiana. The dramatic event is captured by a body-worn camera on the chest of an officer with the Evansville Police Department.

The shooting happened last Sunday night at a VFW Post where hundreds of people gathered for bingo night.

The video shows an officer driving to the scene as he alerts dispatch, "Shots fired."

The officer rushes into the building to where a group of people had a man down on the ground, struggling.

Police identified the man as the suspect in the shooting, 70-year-old John Michael Burghardt.

Witnesses told police Burghardt had an argument with another member of the VFW. Burghardt reportedly threatened to shoot the other man after being asked to leave the building.

According to police, Burghardt pulled a revolver during a second confrontation with a man at the back door of the VFW. That man ran off.

Seconds later, police said 48-year-old Paul Glover, armed with a revolver, confronted Burghardt and told him he couldn't re-enter the building. That's when Burghardt fired one shot, striking Glover in the abdomen.

Two other people pushed the door shut to keep Burghardt outside. Police said Burghardt pulled the trigger at least one more time, but the gun didn't fire.

Authorities said Burghardt went to the front door of the VFW and walked inside. A woman grabbed a grill scraper to keep Burghardt back. Police said he pulled the trigger on his gun again, but it didn't fire. He pulled the trigger a second time. The gun fired, but the bullet missed the woman. That's when others tackled Burghardt and held him down until police arrived.

Burghardt faces three counts of attempted murder with a firearm, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and intimidation with a deadly weapon.

Glover underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

Police called the actions of its officers and patrons of the VFW heroic.

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