School district considering permission slip for book about transgender girl


Parents say they're upset after finding out the Tigard-Tualatin School District is considering requiring a permission slip before letting elementary school-aged students read a book about a transgender girl.

The book is named "George" and it tells a coming of age story of a fourth-grader who eventually learns to become herself and come out as transgender. It was picked as one of the books in Oregon Battle of the Books for next year for 3rd through 5th graders.

The Tigard-Tualatin School District thinks the book may be too controversial for that age group, so they're considering requiring parents and guardians sign a permission slip for students to check it out.

Some parents say that's censorship and discrimination, because kids can check out other, graphic books without permission.

"This clearly is not an issue about book content. I will not support discriminatory censorship policies," parent Mike Anderson said.

Anderson said he read the book with his second-grader.

"I found it to be a beautiful story of self-identity and acceptance," Anderson said.

Others, however, think a permission slip is the right move.

"Kids spend a lot of time in a school classroom sitting, so as a parent, I want to know whats going in there," parent Rory Cookman said. "I think as a parent to give permission, I think that's a positive thing."

The district has not made a decision requiring permission slips. They plan to hold a meeting with a group that includes staff and parents to review the book and then decide what, if any, actions to take.

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