Update: Malfunctioning water heater causes active shooter scare in NC

    Possible active shooter at Topsail High School in Wilmington, North Carolina. (Pender County Sheriff)

    A malfunctioning water heater is being blamed for causing an active shooter scare at a high school in North Carolina. In an interview with Star News Online, emergency management director Tom Collins said a series of water heaters popping "sounded just like an AR-15 going off."

    Early Friday morning, multiple media outlets said law enforcement responded to Topsail High School in Hampstead, which is just north of Wilmington.

    The sheriff's office would not confirm to CBS12 whether there was an ongoing investigation at the school.

    Pender Schools enacted an emergency plan to protect students by locking down all campuses on the eastern side of the county.

    Those lockdowns have been lifted at most schools.

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