Good Samaritan rescues kids dumped into the cold by carjacker

    Good Samaritan rescues kids dumped by carjacker in Kansas City. (CNN Newsource)

    A woman made a startling discovery in Kansas City.

    Kim Peggram found two young boys wandering in the middle of the street in snowy Kansas City.

    It turns out a carjacker just dumped the kids in the road after stealing their mother's car on Sunday afternoon. The kids were four and seven years old.

    "I put winter clothes on them and warmed them up," said Peggram in an interview with CNN affiliate WDAF.

    Peggram called police who reunited the boys with their mother.

    Peggram said she'd like to meet up with the boys and their mom at some point for a happy reunion. As for rescuing the children, she was happy to be in the right place at the right time.

    The carjacking suspect is in police custody, according to WDAF.

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