Former soccer teammate of pipe bomb suspect speaks out

    Neil Orridge (WBTV)

    More details emerge about the the suspect who's sent at least 14 packages with pipe bombs to critics of President Trump.

    Cesar Sayoc attended two North Carolina colleges in the 1980's and played on both their soccer teams.

    WBTV's Alex Giles spoke with one of Sayoc's teammates during his days at University of North Carolina (UNC) - Charlotte.

    Neil Orridge said he recognized the suspect right away in disbelief. He contacted his former teammates and coach who were also shocked to know Sayoc could be behind such illegal acts.

    He said he only spent one season with Sayoc and remembers him as a big, intimidating guy. He added that Sayok didn't even finish the season before leaving the team.

    "He was aloof," Orridge said. "He was a little weird. He was a little out there."

    While it didn't surprise him that Sayoc's life took a turn for the worse, Orridge said he never noticed anything political about the man.

    Orridge said that if he had been asked which teammate would have gotten in trouble later on in life, Sayoc would be on the list.

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