Child's body found near home of missing girl Sherin Mathews

Investigators found the body of a child near the home of Sherin Mathews. (CNN Newsource)

Police are waiting for an identification from the medical examiner to see whether the body of a child found near the home of Sherin Mathews is that of the missing 3-year-old girl.

Sherin, missing since Oct. 7, is the girl whose father made her stand outside in the middle of the night as punishment for not drinking her milk.

According to the Richardson Police Department, investigators found the body Sunday morning during a search for Sherin. The body was in a culvert less than a mile from her home. Investigators did not say whether they searched that particular area before.

Police said the FBI Evidence Recovery team is en route to the scene.

The girl suffered from developmental issues and had limited verbal communication skills. When she disappeared two weeks ago, Richardson Police said the girl's father waited about five hours before reporting her missing. During that time, he said he did laundry.

Authorities learned the father's SUV was absent from the home during the early morning hours on the day Sherin vanished. Police asked people to scour surveillance video for any sign of the vehicle, a 2013 Acura MDX SUV.

CBS Dallas reported police arrested Wesley Mathews, the girl's father, on a child endangerment charge. He has since been released on bond.

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