Baby dropped from burning apartment in Dallas, rescued

    Baby tossed from burning apartment in Dallas, rescued by police and civilians. (CBS Newspath)

    Dallas Police and civilians stood shoulder to shoulder to rescue a baby and five others who had to jump from the third floor of a burning apartment building.

    The fire happened early Wednesday morning.

    Photos from Dallas Fire Rescue shows flames pouring out the windows and roof of an apartment complex on Ferguson Road.

    Police said two people rushed inside to grab a mattress. Officers stepped in to help hold the mattress as people jumped from three stories up.

    "Thank God the residents who went and got the mattress, they got a very nice mattress, it was very thick and very heavy," said Dallas Police Association President Michael Mata. "These were fully grown adults that were easily 200 pounds or heavier that jumped from that three story building and it took all eight of us holding that mattress to keep them from hitting the ground."

    Police said the baby's mother is the one who tossed her young child to rescuers below.

    "I'm sure that's the hardest thing she's probably ever had to do in her life," said Mata. "So I'm sure she was frightened to death. I'm sure she was hoping the two residents below had very soft and confident hands, which thank God they did."

    Police said crews took the baby to the hospital as a precaution and he's doing fine.

    Authorities are praising the team effort.

    "I'm just very thankful that we have citizens that are willing to engage and save lives, and they did it alongside the men and women in blue," Mata added.

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