Woman targeted for her designer bag

Woman targeted for her designer bag. (WPEC)

She thought her life was over. A man held a gun to her head. He demanded her designer purse then hurled her to the ground. Now she says she’s lucky to be alive.

Dominque Vandenberg says it happened so fast. She’s only been living in the United States for a week.

“I am here for my internship at Health Smart MD for six months,” said Vandenberg.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon. She went to Trader Joes, then started walking home with one hand full of groceries.

“My Louis Vuitton bag in the other hand,” said Vandenberg. She got to a sidewalk on South Dixie Highway in Boca Raton two blocks away from Trader Joes, when a car swerved in front of her.

“They just stopped in front of me,” said Vandenberg. She thought it was strange, and walked around the car, that’s when things took a turn for the worse. “A man jumped out of the car and he put a gun to my head,” said Vandenberg. Her mind started racing. “I was so afraid that he would shoot or that he would take me to the car and drive me somewhere,” said Vandenberg.

The bad guy ended up yanking away her purse and throwing her to the ground. “I was just so still, I was shocked, I start crying so much,” said Vandenberg. She believes the thugs targeted her because she had a designer bag in hand.

“They took everything from me like my money, my phone,” said Vandenberg.

Her international phone is now gone so she can’t easily call her family in Europe. Now she’s stuck in a state of limbo and says she’s living in fear.

“I am always looking around me, I am afraid that it could happen again,” said Vandenberg.

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