Woman shoots her boyfriend in act of self-defense

Woman shoots her boyfriend in act of self-defense. (WPEC)

A Treasure Coast woman shoots and kills her boyfriend in what deputies are now calling self-defense.

The Martin County Sheriff said the 46-year-old woman believed her boyfriend was going to attack her with his bare hands.

On Monday CBS12 obtained the frantic 911 call where you can hear the woman is hysterical, barely comprehending what just happened.

“I need an ambulance right now,” yelled Sabo.

“Where,” said 911 dispatcher.

“136 oh my God 136,” Sabo said.

In the 911 call you can hear Sabo of Port St. Lucie panic.

“What’s the street you are on,” asked the 911 dispatcher.

“ I’m trying to figure it out,” yelled Sabo.

“It’s alright catch your breath,” said the dispatcher.

She made the 911 call from inside a 55 and over mobile home community called Leisure Village.

She said she was there picking up her car keys from boyfriend’s mother’s home when her boyfriend, Brock Dion, tried to attack.

“At first he threw a pail at her and missed. Then he threw a large ceramic figurine missed her and hit her car. Having missed with two projectiles he then advanced on her on foot with his hands out like he anticipated to choke her,” said Sheriff Snyder.

In the frantic 911 call, Sabo told the dispatcher she shot Dion in an act of self- defense.

“My boyfriend was coming at me with a big rock to throw at my head and I have a concealed permit so I shot him,” Sabo said.

In the call, you can hear Dion’s mother screaming at Sabo once she realizes her son isn’t breathing.

“You shot him,” screamed Virginia Dion.

“He threw something at my head a brick. What do you mean I shot him. Look at my car,” Sabo said.

Sheriff Snyder said as of now, the State Attorney’s Office will not be pressing charges.

Snyder said Sabo has a concealed permit and legally purchased the gun.

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