Woman says she was filmed while using Publix restroom in Port St. Lucie

Woman says she was filmed while using Publix restroom in Port St. Lucie (WPEC)

Sick and disturbing accusations.

A local woman claims a man used his cell phone to film her using the restroom at the Publix on Port St. Lucie Boulevard. Now, police are on the hunt to track him down.

“It could have been anyone that walked in the bathroom that day,” said the woman, who didn't want to be identified in fear of retribution.

She says the sat down in a stall and spotted something suspicious.

“I saw something that looked silver that looked like a phone then I saw an arm,” the unidentified woman said.

Then she screamed.

“I said, 'What the f are you doing.' and he said, 'I am sorry, I am sorry,' and ran out,” the unidentified woman said.

As she rushed out the bathroom after him, she says the man slipped and she caught up with him.

“I ended up grabbing him by his shirt and holding him and he said I am sorry,” the unidentified woman said.

She says the creep wiggled free and escaped into the parking lot. Police believe he drove off in a gray four door pickup truck, with a North Carolina license plate.

“If they lock him up for the rest of his life, that’s perfectly fine, I just don’t want him to be able to do it to anybody else,” she said.

Police believe they captured him on surveillance video. If you recognize him, please contact Port Saint Lucie Police.

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