Woman beats neighbor in dog poop dispute: Police

Sylvia White is accused of beating up a neighbor after their dog pooped in her yard. (Lake County Sheriff's Office)

Police say a central Florida woman whacked her neighbor and her neighbor's dog with a club in a dispute over dog poop.

The victim told police she had just set out to walk her dog when her neighbor came charging at them. The woman said her neighbor yelled to get her dog off her property, but she ignored the neighbor and just kept walking her dog.

As the woman returned home, she said her neighbor came out of her house again and attacked her with a black club. The woman added the neighbor also hit her dog, causing it to yelp in pain, and threatened to shoot it if she ever saw it again.

The suspect, Sylvia White, told police she became frustrated with her neighbor's dog going to the bathroom on her lawn and throughout the neighborhood. White said she just paid to get her lawn fixed. She told police she felt remorseful for her actions.

White is facing a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. She is free on bond.

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